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Personalised, professional partnership.

Put your business in experienced hands.

Stax has a wealth of international tech recruitment experienced. Having been part of a larger business, Alex and Ash saw a place in the market for a more mature, personalise and experienced approach to recruitment.

Larger recruitment companies tend to have a high turnover of inexperienced staff. You will only ever deal with an experienced recruiter at Stax. Your business is our business so rest assured you’re in safe hands with us.

Solving your recruitment challenges.

Stax has an unrivalled access to the global tech workforce. We invest in the industry’s best data led tools to ensure all of our clients get access to our network and market insights.

We’re a growing business ourselves and fully appreciate how difficult it can be to grow in the right way. Tech talent is extremely high in demand and it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. The first hires are the most important you’ll make.

Our work with our partners starts before the hiring does. We offer market insights, salary benchmarking and branding advise amongst other services. This is all free! We then aim to represent your business and help you stand out through advertising, and headhunting active and passive hard to access talent.

You focus on what you’re good at and we’ll take care of your hiring stresses!

Get in touch

Stax recruitment solutions.


If you’re already working with another recruitment agency but are open to giving us try, we’d love to show you what we can do.


The most cost effective and tailored packages. Our exclusive and retained services offer commitment from both sides and are a guarantee of a successful hire for your business.


Stax Talent provides everything necessary to our customers from selection and on-boarding to infrastructure systems including dedicated payroll services.

Benefits to you.


We aim to provide you with some great options within the first few days of engagement. Our average recruitment timeline is 2-3 weeks for full-time or 1 week for contract.


We’re so confident in our ability to identify, qualify and present key hires to you. Our retention rate is exceptional but we offer flexible terms to replace our hires if for any reason it doesn’t work out.

Unbeatable Outreach

Stax has have an unbeatable database of tech candidates so you’ll get access to this global network. We advertise across major job boards and social network sites for maximum exposure.

Start hiring.

If you’re interested in speaking with us at Stax about recruitment support for your business please fill in the quick contact form.